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Design Thoughts is a series of posts covering topics of use and interest regarding graphic design and business. These posts reflect articles that are sent out from time to time in the Miele-Fleury Graphics emailer of the same title:  Design Thoughts.


On The Creative Process

Quadrillions of bits have been spilled on the subject of the creative process, and it plays a major role in the work of every graphic designer. As a designer, or “creative mercenary,” the two most important aspects of the service I provide are creativity and implementation. Essentially: ideation followed by execution.

On White Space

Let’s explore the notion of “white space,” aka “negative space.” The phrases are used interchangeably. First, we need to be clear that “negative space” is not negative in the sense of its being “bad” in any way.

On Working with a Graphic Designer

Whether you’ve ever worked with a graphic designer before or not, as a business owner, the idea of trying to communicate with a designer can be intimidating if not downright puzzling.

Influence of the Fine Arts on Graphic Design

Art historians explore and analyze the influences of times and cultures upon artists, sculptors, and architects. Such influences of individual artists or artistic “schools,” “movements,” or “styles” upon their contemporaries and on those who come after them loom large in this arena.

A Few Words About Copyright

Everyone needs to understand that copyright is an important consideration. Particularly today, with the widespread dissemination of imagery and text via the Internet, you need to be more aware of copyright than ever before.

Compositional Balance

Artists, designers, and all those who work in the world of things visual are well versed in the principles of compositional balance. After all, it’s our “stock in trade.” Without an understanding of compositional balance, not a single design could be achieved. Well, not a good one, anyway.

Looking at Colors / Color 101

Even the colors that we casually label as “black” or “white” have a color cast to them if you look closely. There are MANY different shades of white and black, some warmer, some cooler. And — popular book titles notwithstanding — there are at least 50 shades of gray.

Your Flyer, Your Friend

In the United States, the typical, basic flyer is a single, one- or two-sided letterhead size sheet of paper. Flyers have a long history, dating back to the very beginnings of the print industry, and we are all familiar with these printed pages that we see everywhere as either decoration or litter, depending on one’s point of view.

Brand — A Crucial Business Decision

EVERY business HAS a brand. As a business, the only decision you need to make is how much you want to participate in the inception and life of your brand. Many business owners are unaware that their single most valuable asset is most likely not their inventory, or their list of services, or even their location, but their brand.

Tradeshows — I know. Keep Reading Anyway.

There’s been some buzz that trade shows are a thing of the past. That’s not altogether true. My advice: Take a look around and learn what shows are upcoming in your industry and geographical area. Then decide for yourself

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