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Miele-Fleury (mee-luh FLEW-ree) Graphics is a design studio founded in 1991 and dedicated to the creation of thoughtful, compelling visual designs for print and online media.

The design process begins and ends with a dialogue: A dialogue between us as designer and client — between you and your market. Listening is essential to any effective dialogue, so the mission is to listen closely to your needs and objectives, and then to develop fresh, cogent ideas expressed in graphic terms — designs that are both effective and beautiful.

The Miele-Fleury Graphics logo depicts a honey bee (a reference to the French word for “honey”) and an iris (a reference to vision and the French word for “flower”). At the same time, these are emblematic images that reflect the company philosophy of symbiotic growth and mutual benefit through cooperation as well as the virtues of industry and quality. The best in graphic design is a successful harmony of the visual and the verbal. It is in fact a symbiosis.



Are You the Ideal Client?

The ideal engagement for us can best be described as one in which Miele-Fleury Graphics is your “Design Concierge.” Accordingly, our ideal client is a business or organization with an ongoing, broad spectrum of visual design needs which take place over the long term. If you’re looking for a design firm that is responsive and reliable, we’re likely a good fit for you.

If you fully understand the value of professional design services and you desire an ongoing relationship with a design firm, then we would welcome a conversation with you. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize, appreciate, and understand that clients who are interested in a collaborative, effective, and consistent visual representation of their business or organization — and of their brand — are the kinds of clients we seek. If this describes YOU, let’s open the dialogue.



When Miele-Fleury Graphics designs for you, you get more than the occasional ad or tradeshow panel. The entire body of our work for you adheres to our principle of “The Four Cs.” And we’re not talking about gem stones. Our principle of The Four Cs means that EVERY element of visual design we create for your business or organization is Creative, Coherent, Consistent, and Cohesive. There are no “false moves” here or “same-as-someone-else’s” layouts.

Creative — Uniquely yours. Primary-sourced in your message and your identity, but unafraid to step outside the box. In fact, we encourage you to consider taking our creative advice even when a concept feels like a challenge. We stand behind every concept and are ready and willing to describe to you the creative process that went into it. Your faith in our creativity and experience is an important part of the designer/client relationship.

Coherent — Reasoned. Logical, rational, cogent. In our humble opinion, NOT incompatible with creativity and essential for your message, your brand, and your success.

Consistent — True to you. Particularly important with respect to brand and identity:  Constant, compatible, without logical contradictions. Every visual communication we create for you will be consistently true to your brand promise.

Cohesive — Well-integrated. United, unified. We borrow this concept from the world of physics, where it is defined as “of or pertaining to the molecular force within a body or substance acting to unite its parts.” (source: definition at www.dictionary.com). So your business cards match your web site which coordinates with your emailers that are in harmony with your display ads that look like your brochure which supports your tradeshow booth that dovetails with your direct mail that carries your brand through from your packaging which correlates with your signage. For a cohesive, unified presence that says you mean business.