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Every business has a brand. The real question is whether (or to what degree) the business participates in making the brand statement, living up to the brand promise, and making sure the brand reflects the true personality of the business it represents. The reality is that a brand lives (and dies) in the minds of your current and potential clients and customers. If you turn to Miele-Fleury Graphics to communicate that brand, we operate from this principle.

Intelligent branding recognizes the fact that while the living essence of the brand is to some extent out of your hands, it is NOT out of our control. The key is to remain utterly true to the brand promise, and we can help you achieve that.



Well … in a word: EVERYTHING.

Throughout many years in the design business, people have come in asking for the design of a logo when all along (as it turns out) what they’ve REALLY needed was …  a BRAND. It was with this realization that the concept for The Brand Session was developed.

Your business identity, or logo, is a crucial element in the visual representation of your overall brand, but in the end it is ONLY a part. Of course this element is not taken lightly, but it is our experience and recommendation that it not be taken in isolation, either.