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Packaging can take a wide range of forms, from label design for application to on-the-shelf containers to fullscale 3D comps, mockups, or prototypes for focus groups and impact testing. Materials and requirements/specifications for packaging can be complex and demanding. Miele-Fleury Graphics will follow up every detail throughout the package design and development process to ensure both compliance and smooth production.

Packaging design requires clear, unambiguous intercommunication between us and your vendors, along with a knowledge of the product and its market, the specific technical requirements and production processes involved, and an ability to think in three dimensions.

Ideally, all your visual communications should carry your brand consistently and with polish. If this includes packaging for a product, we will design these to carry your brand onto the shelves. After all, packaging is one area where 100% of your customers experience your brand first hand.

We are always interested in packaging assignments because of the special requirements and challenges of creating effective, practical designs with optimum shelf-appeal.