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iBOTZ LineBOTZ Robot and Packaging


For iBOTZ, we designed not only the package, but also the robot ITSELF for the LineBOTZ robot kit. This packaging was created as part of a “family” of robot kits, along with the Hydrazoid, Wonderball, SoundTracker, Antoid, TriBOTZ, and the AirBOTZ X2000.

The packaging concept needs to appeal to a wide age range, since the kits are usually purchased by an adult for a youngster — or for themselves! Working from client-supplied product shots, we created an exciting and imaginative context to present various views of the assembled robot “in action!”

See also the User Manuals designed for LineBOTZ and LineTracker.

Sensors enable LineBOTZ to follow a black line drawn by a felt tipped pen.


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