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Milford Area Chamber of Commerce Auction Invitation

The Milford Area Chamber of Commerce wanted something colorful, fun, new, and different for their annual auction invitation. Keying off of the notion of the autumn season and the “passage” of the colorful New England leafscape that happens every year, we created a multi-panel, barrel-fold invitation that combined the changing of the leaves and their “departure” with the auction action! “GOING ONCE… GOING TWICE… SOLD!” What happens at the auction itself is echoed in the progression of the panels. This invitation mailed out in transparent envelopes with a preprinted address area on the mailing panel. The very inviting invitation showed through the envelope on both sides.

In addition, since the auction event included a “Plinko Game,” we created matching, round one-play-free plinko tokens, and those were tipped into the invitation panel with fugitive glue, revealing the “SOLD!” step. The invitation recipients could then remove the one-play-free token from the invitation and bring it with them to the event to turn in for a free play!


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