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Massachusetts Money Management Program (MMMP)

Massachusetts Money Management Program - MMMP

The goal was to design a logo that would represent the MMMP as a statewide program that oversees 21 local programs, each within an agency that has its own logo and mission. The MMMP logo needs to appeal to the audiences of not only the individual agencies, but also for the sake of outreach to both individuals and organizations who act as donors, volunteers, and sources of funding, including financial institutions — spanning the arenas of both human- and financial-centered services.

As such, it needs to project a polished, trustworthy, professional, and highly dependable presence while encompassing an ultimate mission of empowering, protecting, and helping the population that the local programs serve, dedicated to helping people remain as independent as possible within their own communities.

We created two instances of the logo: one for use on white or light-colored backgrounds and another for use on dark backgrounds.

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