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GettingHome DESIGN Site Panels

Occasionally a client with an existing web site needs imagery for that site. This can be in the form of product shots, panels, the sitewide header, or other content or web panels. A series of such panels was designed for display on the GettingHome DESIGN site. Each of these panels appeared on a page devoted to an individual vendor, artisan, or designer whose work was featured on that page.

Given a handful of assorted product shots or other images, these panels were created as composite/collage treatments to reflect in each case the essence of these beautiful, bespoke offerings.

Literally hundreds of these were developed over time and each was accompanied by a coordinated custom page header panel and  thumbnail. Below is a selection of the main page image panels created for them.

Allegretto Lamp

Mobilia Gallery

Material ConneXion

Mark Perry

Lee Design

Glass Quake

David Bacharach


Suzanne Trocme

Rob Hare

Poet Furniture

Peter Mann


Longleaf Lumber

Jeff Zimmerman

JANUS et Cie


Globus Cork

Fjord Collection

Real Good Chair

Ron Arad