Miele-Fleury Graphics
Miele-Fleury (mee-luh FLEW-ree) Graphics is a graphic design studio founded in 1991 and dedicated to the creation of thoughtful, compelling designs for print and online media.

The design process begins and ends with a dialogue: A dialogue between us as designer and client — between you and your market.

At Miele-Fleury Graphics our belief is that listening is essential to any effective dialogue, so we make it our business to listen closely to your needs and objectives and then to develop fresh, cogent ideas expressed in graphic terms — designs that are both effective and beautiful.

The Miele-Fleury Graphics logo depicts an iris and a honey bee: emblematic images which represent the company philosophy of symbiotic growth and mutual benefit through cooperation as well as the virtues of industry and quality.

The best in graphic design is a successful harmony of the visual and the verbal. It is in fact a symbiosis.




















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